Because a picture is worth a thousand words

Let them speak out for you


Send and receive photos easily with family and friends


Ambyant is the new way to stay in touch with your loved ones


All your shared photos stacked and safe at your fingertips


Your pictures only for who you want, select recipients on the fly


Without interruptions, without hundreds of posts in social networks


A live and dynamic photo album

Your pictures, your treasure

Stay in touch with family and friends that live far away, by sharing your precious moments through Ambyant

  • Nothing is public. Only your selected recipients will see your photo
  • You can choose multiple simultaneous recipients
  • Just a picture that´s like saying 'I wish you were here'
  • Add fun texts to accompany the picture

Request a picture with a single touch

Want to know what your friends are doing? Ping them with the touch of a single button. They´ll see your notification, will remember how much you care about them, and will tell you where they are or with whom, with just a picture

A safe and dynamic photo album

always backed up in the cloud


Send photos by email, when they sign up, their photos will be there waiting

Your data your privacy

Share memories privately has become a fast and easy task

Dynamic photo album

Your photos automatically organized and always at your fingertips


Extremely easy to use. Shoot and share. That's all.

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